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I am Brian Anderson and can be found at twitter, github and linkedIn.

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Starting a Gilbert District Newsletter

Maybe you don't want to read all this... you can just sign up for the newsletter.

I am starting a newsletter to make progress toward my first goal:

I’d like to share clear, open, communication of the school board’s decisions and upcoming district changes that impact our families.

My goal is to keep the community informed and engaged with the district’s happenings. I realize this isn’t for everyone, and there are many other ways to stay aware of what is going on. This is just a convenient and timely way to have the information pushed to your inbox.

So, if this sounds...

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Write In Success!

Wow, I am speechless, I just checked the Story County Election site and I see they’ve posted the final results.

Official results, I won a seat!

I won a seat. Two hundred and fifty two people wrote my name in. That is a little over 21% of the votes.

Amazing. I am honored and indebted to the 252 people who wrote my name in. I will strive for my goals and to uphold the values of our district that I appreciate so much.

A little over 7 days ago, last Thursday night, I declared myself as a write-in option. What...

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Question – What Values?

I am continuing the series of answering questions that people have written in. Please keep them coming, I am serious about Increasing the quantity and quality of our communication. Here is two part question that is very important.

What are the “values” you want to preserve?

Thanks for asking! Here are the things I love about our district: