Question – Staying Connected in the classroom

written on September 06, 2015

One of the ideas I had when I started running for school board (three days ago) was to allow for anonymous questions to be submitted. I’ve received a some really great questions.

Here is one of them that I want to respond to publicly…

Will you interact with teachers and staff? Right now the board members rarely visit the schools or schedule time with teachers. Will you be different?

What a great question!

Since our kids started school in the district, I’ve enjoyed talking with our teachers and administrators. These conversations normally occur in the classroom, summer grill outs and youth sports fields. These have been more frequent, after we’ve moved to the city of Gilbert.

If I win a seat on the school board, I plan on spending one extended lunch per week in the schools. I could talk with the teachers in all four buildings every month. In addition to that, I would like to schedule time with individual teachers when it works for them. I want to hear the teachers’ ideas, concerns and needs. I will try to make time for every teacher who would like to share ideas with me.

We have great associates and teachers who have committed themselves to teaching here in our district — what is their perspective? I want to know how the school board can understand their views, listen to their ideas, and partner with them to continue facilitate great education.

I also plan on giving everyone in our community, whether teacher, administrator, staff, student or parent the ability to ask me (and the board) anonymous questions online. This would allow people to ask real and sincere questions that might be difficult to ask in person.

I believe having an accessible, transparent, school board is a crucial to increase communication across our district.

Maybe you have a question? You should definitely ask me!