Brian Anderson, a bid for a School Board Seat.

written on September 04, 2015

Me and Allison dressing up

Hello, I am Brian Anderson, and I would like to be your Write In choice for the upcoming Gilbert District School Board Election on Tuesday.

I am not running to reform the district. I am running to support the strengths of what has been done before us and shepherd it into the next decade.

I am running with the following goals:

  • I’d like to share clear, open, communication of the school board’s decisions and upcoming district changes that impact our families.

  • I love Gilbert Schools, our teachers, administrators and families – I want to preserve our values and intimacy as we continue to grow over the next 10 years.

  • Integration of learning and technology. We need a holistic plan for using technology to aid in our children’s learning, and I would like help build it. Technology does not solve everything, nor does it destroy everything. Computers are everywhere, lets make sure we have a plan to help our families, teachers and students make the most of these tools.

  • I want to encourage our four district buildings to work with one another, the neighborhoods and the city. We have a rich opportunity for our students to learn through serving those around them, lets do it!

  • Find creative ways to fund fine arts, extra curricular activities and clubs. We have a great, engaged parent-base – I want to find ways to educate our kids beyond the traditional subjects, even if the state is unwilling to pay.

  • I’d love to start a handful of after school programs. Wouldn’t it be great to have some of the high tech parents and Iowa State students run a programming workshop?

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For my full set of goals, values and story please continue reading at my mini write-in campaign site…

I just want to write you in!

I’d appreciate your vote on Tuesday, September 8. Put in on your calendar and remember me: “Brian Anderson” (a pretty average person who enjoys our schools… no need to write anything more than my name though).