Pick Up Soccer

July 2013

Our Wonderful Field

I’ve been coaching youth soccer for a couple of years with Heart of Iowa Soccer and it has been a blast. I grew up playing youth soccer, but stopped by middle school. I played some pickup soccer in High School, but have recently got reengaged in the sport thanks to coaching my two sons. After playing in a few tournaments, and getting last place, me and a few friends put together a small Google Group to schedule weekly soccer games. We’ve been doing it for about a year now and it has been a blast. Initially it started out with a few youth coaches, but has expanded as we’ve made friends. I love that we have enough people to play on large fields with keepers — and now the challenge is to preserve the goals of the group as we grow.

You can view the group and then signup to join the group!


As our group grows, lets preserve the feel by keeping to a few simple ideas:

  1. Everyone is welcome to come out and play, We want to have fun.
  2. We don’t keep score, because it is not about winning.
  3. The level of play might be intense, but the attitudes must remain friendly and non-competitive.
  4. If we have enough people for a goalie, everyone should take a turn in the goal.
  5. If we have enough people for substitutes, everyone is expected to sub out at least once.
  6. This is for adults. (players should be over 12 years old)
  7. Pass to everyone, we all only get better with more touches on the ball.
  8. When you show up, please help create the teams - you know your own skill level. Help keep the teams balanced.

Thank you all for helping foster a good experience and build a fun group of people to play with!

Times and Locations

We normally play at Inis Grove Park, in Ames.

This summer we’ve landed on Thursday nights at 7pm at Inis Grove, as our regular game time.

Inis Grove Park, Ames IA.

Map to Inis Grove